Appendix C Tests (Judge Classes)

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Miscellaneous Abilities

1. Antoine controls an untapped Trinisphere and casts Gatekeeper of Malakir, with kicker. How much does Antoine need to pay to cast the Gatekeeper?

2. Nancy controls a face down Willbender. Agnes casts Sudden Shock, targeting Willbender. Can Nancy unmorph Willbender? If so, can Nancy change the target of Sudden Shock?

3. Nigel controls a Howling Mine. Amy casts Gleeful Sabotage, choosing to use the Conspire Ability, tapping two Nettle Sentinels. What is the game state after Gleeful Sabotage resolves?

4. Anson and Arthur are on a team for two headed giant. Anson controls Noble Hierarch and Arthur attacks with a Glory Seeker, the only attacking creature. How much damage does Glory Seeker deal?

5. Adam casts Shriekmaw using its evoke cost. With the enters the battlefield triggers on the stack Nadine casts Dominate targeting Shriekmaw. What happens when the enter the battlefield triggers resolve?

6. Armando has two copies of Plumes of Peace in his hand. Can Armando forecast both copies during his upkeep?

7. Alan controls an animated Inkmoth Nexus and casts Cry of Contrition, choosing to haunt Inkmoth Nexus. On Nadil’s turn, Nadil casts Stone Rain targeting Inkmoth Nexus. What happens when Stone Rain resolves?

8. Alexander has 4 forests and 1 Wild Cantor. What is the maximum number X can take if Alexander casts Chord of Calling?

9. Adam casts Sins of the Past targeting Whispers of the Muse. Can Adam pay Whispers of the Muse buyback cost? If so, how much must Adam pay? What happens when Whispers of the Muse resolves?

10. Allie controls a Wandering Ones and casts Vital Surge, choosing to splice on Veil of Secrecy. Can Allie target Wandering Ones and also return Wandering Ones to pay the splice cost? If so, what happens when Vital Surge resolves?