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Looking to get involved? Here are some current opportunities to flex your skills and help out.

Articles / Writing

General [Ongoing] Have an article or an article idea? Contact Tom about getting it published.

Magic Rules Tips Blog

The Magic Rules Tips Blog / Twitter feed is always looking for people to volunteer some rules tips. Interesting interactions from your local events make great tips. You're always welcome to submit them to Chris Richter.


Are you bilingual? There are *always* documents and articles that could benefit from translation. This includes rules, policy documents, exam questions, Judge_Classes, mailing list summaries, and many others. Help is particularly needed with Portuguese and Chinese, but translation volunteers of any language should contact Juan Del Compare.

Making judging look fun

Many judges struggle finding candidates in their communities, due to a lack of interest. Once the judge rewards programs gets going, it should provide an incentive to becoming a judge; however, it's still not going to be the definite answer. Any community that has experienced a lot of growth can probably say the same thing: interest sparks when people see that judges have fun, and have the respect from the community. That's a concept we've been pushing for, but judges in underdeveloped areas have difficulties coming up with concrete actions to undertake. We're looking for people interested in writing an article about how to make judging look more fun and how to attract candidates to the judge program - locally. What kind of specific actions you can take, as opposed to just general concepts. Contact Carlos Ho

Running the ... Team

Right now the priority lies with creating manuals about how to lead a specific team. David de la Iglesia has written an excellent example with Running the Logistics Team. If you feel like writing an article like that for Running the Paper Team or Running the Deck Check Team, then please contact Richard Drijvers.

Event Coverage


[Ongoing] Are you judging a Grand Prix or Pro Tour soon? Do you use Twitter? Do you want to share your experiences with the whole judge community? Apply to be one of the event "Twitterers" by contacting Bryan or Stefan. More info about Tweeting for the official @MagicJudges account can be found here: Twitter feed MagicJudges.


Have a project or task that requires some Design work? (web, graphic, print) Post it here!


Judge Classes

A fantastic rubric of suggested training materials has been created by a group of Florida judges. Now they need your help in teaching from (and learning from) their results. If you're interested in helping get some L0s to L1 in your area, check out Judge_Classes or contact Justin Turner

Rules Puzzles

Do you love the crazy interactions that require the finer points of the rules? Matt Tang is working on putting together some puzzles along these lines for some fun and to test your rules knowledge. Contact Matt Tang to get involved.


So many times, I've heard "we should make a video!" when discussing a Judge Education topic. Maybe you have specific skills that can benefit a video project - whether it's the technical know-how, the equipment, or just the get-er-done qualities of a good leader - if you're interested in helping with Videos, let me know: Scott Marshall Creative Fun Ideas (Afterhours)

We're all aware of how much hard work needs to be done during large events. At the end of the day most judges just leave the venue and turn to bed. Some of these judges would rather do something else, but are not familiar enough with the environment and/or the other judges working the event to take the initiative themselves.

Therefore Richard Drijvers and Carlos Ho have set up a project group called "Creative Fun Ideas". The goal of the project is to create initiatives for judges to have more fun together during events outside of the event itself. (Ergo, while not being on the floor, working.) These initiatives will then structurally be organized for events in the future. Working solely on a opt-in basis.

Have a look on the webpage of Creative Fun Ideas if you'd like to help out. Right now, we're making separate pages for all the ideas we've listed on the main project page.

MTG Coding and Technology/Tools

Do you have random bits of code or scripts relating to Magic? A spreadsheet to figure out something for your events? Lems and Fabian are interested in collecting and sharing anything that makes judging easier or reduces work. Contact Fabian Peck if you have something or there is something you are looking for.

Django Developers

Are you an experienced Django developer looking to lend your skills to the Judge Program? Contact Lems