Week 10 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 10 Test

1. How many players are needed to sanction a Magic tournament? How many teams are needed for a Two-Headed Giant event?

2. Abby and Nate are playing against each other. Game 1 ended in a draw, game 2 also ended in a draw, and Abby won game 3. Do they need to continue playing? If not, how should they report their results?

3. Alex and Nick are starting a match. Alex decides to mulligan to 6, and Nick keeps. After drawing the hand of 6, Alex chooses to mulligan again. Nick decides he'd also like to mulligan now, can he?

4. Andy is in a draft at his store. He opens a pack of cards which has a valuable mythic and a valuable foil. He'd like to take this entire pack and drop. Can he do this? If so how does the draft proceed?

5. What is the minimum time limit for a Constructed or Limited Swiss match? What is the recommended time limit?

6. How long should players have to build their deck in a sealed tournament?

7. Artie has a 62 card deck and a 15 card sideboard. When sideboarding, he'd like to take out 2 cards and make a 17 card sideboard. Can he do this? What if the sideboard was initially 13 cards, does that change the answer?