Week 1 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 1 Test

  1. If a player adds mana to their mana pool during their upkeep when does any unused mana leave their mana pool?
  2. How many steps are there in an average turn? How many phases? What are those steps and phases?
  3. What are the steps where a player typically does not receive priority?
  4. What are the combat steps which can be skipped?
  5. Aaron has a Grizzly Bears and declares it as an attacking creature. Nancy wishes to tap the Grizzly Bears with her Tumble Magnet. Is she able to do so?
  6. Amanda controls Mogg Flunkies enchanted by Bloodshed Fever, and a Grizzly Bears. What are the legal attacks Amanda can make?
  7. Do players get priority between when damage is assigned and when damage is dealt?
  8. Do turn based actions use the stack?
  9. Do turn based actions happen before a player gets priority?
  10. What are three turn based actions that happen during combat?