Week 2 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 2 Test

  1. What are the card types? Which of those types are considered permanents?
  2. Nigel has 10 goblin tokens in play, all from Empty the Warrens. Amy casts Echoing Truth targeting one of Nigel’s goblins. What happens as Echoing Truth resolves?
  3. What are the statuses a permanent can have? What are the default statuses of a permanent?
  4. What are the seven zones commonly used in a game of Magic?
  5. Which of the zones are shared zones? Which of the zones are hidden zones?
  6. Armando has a Jace, the Mind Sculptor on the battlefield, along with an Oracle of Mul Daya. Armando uses Jace’s second activated ability. Does Armando need to reveal the cards he draws? Does Armando need to show his opponent the cards he returns to his library?
  7. Can a player have multiple graveyards? Can cards in graveyards be rearranged?
  8. What is the order objects on the stack resolve? If a player adds multiple objects to the stack at the same time, what order are they put in? If both players add multiple objects to the stack what order are they put in?
  9. What are 3 things that do not use the stack?
  10. Are exiled cards still considered to be inside the game? Are exiled cards face up or face down by default?
  11. A player is on the play and it is the first turn of the game. Walk through and describe what happens for each of the steps of the Beginning Phase for that player.
  12. A player is attacking with a Bear Cub, which is blocked by a Walking Corpse, a Grizzly Bears, and a Traveling Philosopher. What is the very first action the Bear Cub player must take after blockers have been declared?
  13. Which steps can repeat in a turn?