Week 4 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 4 Test

  1. How many layers are there, not including sublayers?
  2. What are the layers in order, not including sublayers?
  3. What are the sublayers and which layer has them?
  4. What is the order (usually) used to determine how we apply effects in each layer? What might impact that ordering?
  5. What layer do effects that impact game rules get processed? What are some examples of effects that would not fall under the standard layers listed in questions 1–3?
  6. Antony controls Grizzly Bears with a +1/+1 counter on it and casts Giant Growth. After Giant Growth resolves Antony casts Clone, copying Grizzly Bears. What are the characteristics of Clone?
  7. Anson controls Magus of the Moon and Sacred Foundry. Nancy casts Snakeform on Magus of the Moon. After Snakeform has resolved what are the characteristics of Sacred Foundry?
  8. Axle controls Goblin King and Goblin Artillery. Nigel casts Nameless Inversion on Goblin Artillery. What are the characteristics of Goblin Artillery after Nameless Inversion has resolved?
  9. Arthur controls Grizzly Bears. Nancy casts Twisted Image on Grizzly Bears, then once that has resolved casts Ovinize on the same Grizzly Bears. What are the characteristics of Grizzly Bears after both spells have resolved?
  10. Artemis has Thought Nibbler on the battlefield and casts Null Profusion. What is Artemis’s maximum hand size?
  11. A Yavimaya Wurm attacks and is blocked by a Mirran Crusader. How much damage, if any, can trample over?
  12. A 3/3 with trample and double strike is attacking and is blocked by a 1/1 indestructible. How much damage can trample over during each combat damage step?