Week 5 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 5 Test

  1. How many steps are there to casting a spell and activating an ability? What are those steps, in order?
  2. In what order are costs paid?
  3. How is casting a card such as Hail of Arrows different from casting a card such as Fireball?
  4. How many creatures or players can a player target with Violent Eruption? Why?
  5. How is the total cost of a spell determined? Does this change the converted mana cost of the spell?
  6. Anson activates Temporal Aperture and the top card is Mulldrifter. Can Anson evoke Mulldrifter without paying its evoke cost?
  7. Amy controls Chromatic Star, Great Furnace, and Tree of Tales. Can Amy cast Thoughtcast? Why or why not?
  8. Angie controls Maro and has one card in hand, Momentous Fall. Can Angie cast Momentous Fall and sacrifice her Maro? If so, how many cards will she draw and how much life will she gain?
  9. Artemis controls Molten-Tail Masticore and Ashnod's Altar. Can Artemis sacrifice Molten-Tail Masticore to Ashnod's Altar to help pay to activate his ability? If so, can Artemis exile the Masticore to pay for the activated ability?
  10. Arthur casts Clone, choosing to copy his animated Treetop Village. What are the characteristics of Arthur’s clone after it resolves?
  11. Anna equips a Kitesail Apprentice with Magebane Armor. Does the Kitesail Apprentice have flying?
  12. Abernathy controls Godhead of Awe. Abernathy then resolves Lhurgoyf with 3 creatures in all graveyards. What is Lhurgoyf’s power and toughness after it resolves?