Week 7 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 7 Test

1. What are the three key words for a triggered ability?

2. Is there a restriction to when a trigger can occur? When is the trigger added to the stack?

3. If multiple triggers have occurred for each player how are they added to the stack?

4. If a triggered ability has an intervening if clause when are the trigger conditions checked? Do trigger conditions with a “may” ability always trigger?

5. What is the difference between a zone change trigger and an enter’s the battlefield/leaves the battlefield trigger?

6. What makes something a state trigger? When can a state trigger occur?

7. Adam casts Sharuum the Hegemon and chooses to return Sculpting Steel with Sharuum’s enter the battlefield ability. If Adam has no other artifacts in his graveyard, what are the legal targets for the Sculpting Steel (now Sharuum)’s enter the battlefield ability?

8. Arnold is at 40 life and controls Felidar Sovereign. During Arnold’s upkeep, after the trigger has gone on the stack Nicodemus casts Shock, targeting Arnold. What happens after Shock resolves?

9. Nanette controls Yixlid Jailer, and Amanda casts Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. Nanette casts Cancel targeting Kozilek. What happens after Cancel resolves?

10. Anson controls Astral Slide and cycles Secluded Steppe, choosing to exile Nick’s Grizzly Bears. Nick casts Demystify targeting Astral Slide. What happens during the end of turn step?

11. Andy has Jace Beleren out and uses the -1 to draw a card. He draws another Jace Beleren and casts it. After it resolves, what happens? If the new Jace remains on the battlefield, can Andy activate it?

12. Allanon has 3 Pack Rats on the battlefield. Ned casts Cone of Flame targeting all three Pack Rats. What happens after Cone of Flame resolves?

13. AJ has Tarmogoyf with no cards in any graveyards. He casts Hornet Sting targeting Tarmogoyf. What happens to Tarmogoyf after Hornet Sting resolves?