Week 8 Practice Test

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1. Nate has a Bear Cub with Hands of Binding encoded on to it, and a 1/1. Albany casts Traitorous Instinct targeting the Bear Cub at attacks with it. Does Albany get a cipher trigger, and if so, can Albany cast the copied ciphered spell targeting Nate's 1/1?

2. Abernathy has an Experiment One with two +1/+1 counters on it on the battlefield and casts and resolves a Bear Cub. He has Giant Growth in hand. Can he respond in such a way to make the Experiment One get another counter?

3. Andy has Kingpin's Pet encoded with Hands of Binding. He attacks, and his opponent has no blocks, so he casts the encoded Hands of Binding. With the Hands of Binding copy on the stack, he casts Reverberate targeting Hands of Binding. Assuming no one has further responses, how many times and for what spells did Extort trigger?

4. Arcturus just resolved Diluvian Primordial, and targets Nicolai's Turn // Burn in the graveyard. In what ways can Arcturus cast Turn // Burn?

5. What happens if you copy an Overloaded spell on the stack? Is the copy Overloaded?

6. Arthas attacks with a Bear Cub. Nicol blocks with a Splatter Thug with no counters on it. Nicol then uses Burst of Strength to put a +1/+1 counter on Splatter Thug. What happens to the attacking Bear Cub? Is it blocked?

Theros Block

1. Andy has a Bear Cub and has cast Hopeful Eidolon targeting it. In response to Hopeful Eidolon, Nilbog casts Doom Blade targeting Bear Cub. After Doom Blade resolves, which of the following spells are able to target the Hopeful Eidolon on the stack: Negate, Essence Scatter, Annul, Hisoka's Defiance

2. Arduino has a Soul Warden with Boon Satyr enchanting it. He casts Gods Willing targeting the Soul Warden, choosing Green. What happens?

3. AlphabetSoup has Gray Merchant of Asphodel out and casts and resolves another Gray Merchant of Asphodel. In response to Gray Merchant's trigger, Naomi kills the new Gray Merchant using Go for the Throat. What happens when the trigger resolves, if it resolves?

4. AJ has Akroan Skyguard and Akroan Crusader. He casts Giant Growth targeting the Skyguard, then Swerve targeting Giant Growth. He chooses to change the target of Giant Growth from the Skyguard to the Crusader. Does he get a 1/1 token?

5. Ali is attacking with a Fleecemane Lion. Nate blocks with a Bear Cub. Ali activates Fleecemane Lion's monstrosity ability. In response, Nate casts Doom Blade targeting the Fleecemane Lion. In response to that, Ali activates Fleecemane Lion again. Is this series of plays legal? What happens as the stack resolves?