Week 9 Practice Test

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Judge Classes Week 9 Test

1. AJ has a Bear Cub with Aqueous Form attached. He attacks with it, and in his second main phase realizes he missed his trigger. The opponent noticed he missed the trigger but did not say anything. How do you handle this? Did the opponent do anything wrong?

2. Audrey casts Supreme Verdict using only white mana. Both Audrey and Natalie put some creatures into the graveyard. Audrey passes the turn, and on Natalie's draw step after Natalie drew a card Audrey realizes her mistake and calls you over. How do you fix this situation?

3. While resolving Divination, Artemis accidentally put 3 cards in hand instead of 2. How do you handle this when the opponent calls you over?

4. Ajani and Nicol are going to time in a match. Ajani asks Nicol if they'd just like to roll a die to see who wins so no one gets a draw, which Nicol agrees to. A spectator calls you over and explains what happens. What do you do, if anything?

5. Arthur is 12 minutes late to his match, but wants to play. What do you tell Arthur? Do you let him play?

6. While Scrying 2, Anderson accidentally looks at and begins reordering the top 3 cards of his library. How is this resolved?

7. Andy casts Unsummon on Nate's Bear Cub. Nate put the card into his graveyard, thinking the Unsummon was a Doom Blade. A turn later, the players realize the error and call you over. Andy says that he noticed the error when Unsummon resolved, but didn't want to say anything as this way Nate couldn't replay the Bear Cub. How do you handle this?

8. An Abacus mulligans its opening hand, drawing 6 cards. Upon inspecting its opening hand, the inanimate object realized it accidentally drew 7. How is it handled? After handling the problem, can the abacus continue to mulligan?

9. Allison has Aerie Worshippers on the battlefield and it untapped this turn. During her upkeep, she never mentioned the trigger and moved to her draw step where she drew a card. After that, she realizes she missed her trigger and calls you over. How do you handle this?

10. Avery casts Pacifism on Natasha's Black Knight. After three turns of many plays and card draws, they realized it was illegal to target the Black Knight with Pacifism. How do you handle this situation?