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Wizards Event Reporter (WER) is the newest generation of software. Its advantages and disadvantages almost run exactly opposite of those of DCI-R. It’s designed to be easy to learn, it’s under constant development and thus constantly evolving, and has a plethora of new features that just can’t be done (and never will be done) in DCI-R. As a newer product undergoing active revisions, though, it isn’t as full featured yet and it isn’t always as well known how to do tricky things as they pop up.

Wizards Event Reporter is the recommended software solution for all store run events, Friday Night Magic, generic Magic Tournaments, and all casual play.

If you experience a bug with Wizards Event Reporter, please report it via the customer service tool and include tournament files. This is the best avenue for the WER team to improve performance.

WER Downloads

To download the most current version of WER, read articles about WER, or learn about the latest advances go to the WPN tools page. Find additional resources at scorekeeping resources.

If you experience an error after updating WER, uninstall it and reinstall using the latest version.

View release notes here.

Walkthrough & Articles

Eric Levine has designed a walkthrough for WER. It is available here.

He has also written tutorials on this subject, you can find them on the WPN site:

Fixed Seatings

Michael White created a video walkthrough to create fixed seatings in WER:

Known Issues

This list, along with the following sections, is seeded from a list of known issues here. If you experience these or any other issues, please submit a bug report and include your tournament files. For several of these issues, the WER team needs more tournament data to correct the issues.

NB: this list may be out of date, please consult the thread for an up-to-date list of known issues.

  • Exporting a tournament to another computer causes a failed upload (Scheduled Fix = late July)
  • Entering one DCI # results in entering a different player
  • Combine event not transferring data (Scheduled Fix = November)
  • Export throwing error (Still pending)
  • WER randomly changes from single elimination to swiss pairings. (Insufficient data to fix at this time)
  • Reporter doesn't pair properly with less than 8 players/teams.
  • Standings for Playoff rounds are not calculated properly.
  • Formerly suspended players may not be unsuspended in WER when the time comes.
  • Combining Events causes the Standings Tab to not show up.
  • Combining Events can cause errors and an inability to upload.
  • Independent T.O.s can no longer use WER (go here for a workaround)

Former Bugs

  • Tournaments Appear Twice (solution).
  • Tie-Breakers don't work properly (Fixed - Build 4.1.2)
  • Slow local database (Fixed unless your Local Player Database is over 10,000 people)
  • D&D Encounters adventure not ported over (Fixed = Sep. 2010 - Build 4.0.6)
  • Object reference error (Fixed = Sep 2010 - WER
  • WER Freezes at splash screen for 5-45 minutes (Fixed)
  • Cannot print Seatings or Pods prior to pairing round 1 (Fixed by multi-print feature - Build 4.0.6)
  • No "done" button in Post event entry (Partially Fixed: click on a different tab and click back)
  • WER pairs players by tie-breakers (Fixed = Dec. 2010)
  • WER lags during peak usage times. (Fixed = April 2011)
  • Offline functionality is no longer working. (Fixed May 2011)
  • Top 8 playoffs do not pair properly when doing limited events. (Fixed = May 2011)

Missing Features

  • Ordered Pairings
  • Composite Standings
  • Ability to Delete Tournaments
  • Cross-Pod Pairing
  • Bug Reporting Feature in the Software itself
  • Fixed seating for players with special needs
  • Set a "non-1" lowest table number to use for pairings/seating

Formerly Missing Features

  • Select Random Player/Table (Fixed = Sep. 2010)
  • Penalty Tracking (Fixed = July 2010 - Build 4.0.6)
  • Round Clock (Fixed = July 2010 - Build 4.0.6)
  • Ordered Cut Slips (Fixed = May 2011 - Build 4.1.2)