Premier event procedures

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Head Judge Requirements

Premier events have head judge requirements. Events not using required HJ level may be invalidated if exception from the territory manager was not expressly made. An exception to the following requirements must come from the territory manager. The Fact Sheet for the Premier event has the up-to-date level requirement.

Note that fraud of HJ is a suspension level offense.

  • Grand Prix Trial events require the use of a certified L1+ head judge.
  • Pro Tour Qualifier events require the use of a certified L2+ head judge.


Premier events should use "Pairings by Player" whenever pairings are posted. The following documents should be posted:

  • Start of Event: Post multiple copies of "Seat All by Player Name." It is recommended that one copy be posted per 50 players.
  • For Each Round: Post multiple copies of "Pairings by Player." It is recommended that one copy by posted per 100 players.
  • Last Two Rounds of Swiss: Post multiple copies of standings, including tiebreaker information. Announce and wait 5 minutes, telling players to alert a judge immediately if any errors are found. Post pairings by player as before. Instruct floor judges to pay careful attention to any tables where a player is paired against a player with a different point total.

Listing Judges

Please ensure that the HJ is listed for the event, and that all acting judges (both certified and not) are also listed. A player who has played any rounds in a premier event may not judge in that event. Doing so will invalidate the event.

Late Player Entry

Late player entry is being reviewed, but the vital information to know now is: do not award late players a bye, whenever possible; pair them or match-loss them. More details here soon.

Sharing decklists

  • Limited events: deck lists are never shared.
  • Constructed Professional events (Pro Tour and GP): deck lists are shared among the Top 8.
  • Other Constructed events: deck lists are not shared.