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With the World Bank estimating disability rates at 10-12% worldwide, it is likely that you already know someone who has one. Maybe you have one yourself. In some cases the disability is apparent, such as when a person uses a wheelchair or a guide dog. But in others, the disability is not so easily recognized. Such “invisible disabilities” include mental illnesses, developmental or learning disabilities, some chronic physical conditions, and more.

Many people with disabilities play and/or judge Magic, and sometimes they may benefit from special accommodations. As Judges, it is our role to help our fellow community members when we can. People may ask for the accommodations directly, as in the case of a Judge with autism who sends a letter to the Head Judge ahead of time explaining what he needs. Or we may become aware of an issue and volunteer assistance, such as offering fixed seating to a player on crutches.

Balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the tournament can be tricky, and it’s not always possible to provide a particular accommodation given the circumstances. However, a small amount of flexibility and awareness on our part can significantly improve somebody’s tournament experience. The currently available content in this wiki can help us to do this more effectively, and as people become more aware of these issues we will continue to develop our resources.

The Disabled Judge Resource Group is working to develop resources for judges with both physical and mental disabilities while also providing information for TOs, Head Judges, and Team Leads on working with disabled judges. You may help by filling out this survey. If you're interested in joining the group, you may message any of the project admins.

Players with Disabilities

  • David Lyford-Smith provides an overview of physical disability issues in his article Dealing With Disabled Players, with suggestions for assisting with specific types of impairments. He also explains how the IPG interacts with non-physical disabilities with regards to slow play.

Staff with Disabilities

  • Gilbert Hedegaard describes his personal experience in Judging with Autism. He also provides practical advice for working with both staff and players with autism.

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