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Judge Blogs at Premiere Events

From 2009 to 2010 judges reported from Premiere Events their point of view by publishing blogs Articles include statistical data, number crunching, picture blogs, interviews with different levels & roles and much more. So far the following blogs have been published. In 2011 it resurged, but is mostly replaced by the MagicJudges Twitter account and the Facebook page.

Event Blog Title Link Editor in Chief
GP Madrid 2010 Brainstorming Tapas and Wine http://www.dcifamily.org/blog/1792 David de la Iglesia
PT San Diego 2010 Pro Tour San Diego Judge Blog http://www.dcifamily.org/blog/1762 Carlos Ho
Worlds 2009 Worlds Rome Judge Blog http://www.dcifamily.org/ROM09 Johanna Virtanen, Raül Rabionet
GP Paris 2009 Disney, Dumas and the DCI http://www.dcifamily.org/PAR09 Christian Gawrilowicz
PT Austin 2009 EDH and Tex-Mex! http://www.dcifamily.org/AUS09 Riki Hayashi
GP Prague 2009 Judging in the city of a hundred spires http://www.dcifamily.org/PRG09 Raül Rabionet
GP Bangkok & GP Niigata 2009 Judge the Game, See Asia! http://www.dcifamily.org/BKK09 David Vogin
PT Honolulu 2009 When judges go to the beach http://www.dcifamily.org/HNL09 Gavin Duggan, Carlos Ho


Fun Stuff



Earlier Organisational Units

Until Spring 2011 there were "Pillars" that grouped spheres into the areas "Leadership", "Infrastructure", "Internal Communication" and "External Communication". Each of these Pillars had a Level 5 judge as a leader and their responsibility was to support/lead the work of the sphere leaders.

Internal Communication ("How We Talk to Each Other")

Responsible: Riccardo Tessitori

Fosters sense of community within the program. Advocates for Judge communities and individuals. Provides ongoing Judge education and training.

External Communication ("How We Talk to the World")

Responsible: David Vogin

Presents and promotes the Judge Program and its members to players, organizers, and stores through a worldwide network of judges and Regional Coordinators. Extends the knowledge and resources of the Judge Program to other groups. Reinforces philosophy of a single Magic community.

Judging Professional Events

Responsible: Sheldon Menery

How we judge Professional Events and who these judges are. Define judge behavior and advocate/promote/foster judge attendance at competitive and professional events.

Infrastructure ("How We Do It")

Responsible: Toby Elliott

Creates and implements rules and policies for tournament operations.

Policy Documentation (Sphere)

Responsible: Nick Sephton

Guides creation and maintenance of Magic Tournament Rules. Functions as liaison between Organized Play and the Judge Program on tournament rules issues.

Event Staffing (Sphere)

Responsible: Seamus Campbell
Guides Pro Tour staffing process. Correlates and maintains sponsorship application data for use in future sponsorship decisions. Creates and maintains professional event sponsorship process documentation and tools. In coordination with national offices or PTOs and regional leaders, guides Grand Prix staffing process. Creates and maintains sponsorship best practices and lessons learned documentation. Obsolete with the introduction of Regional Coordinators.

Seminars (Sphere)

Leads creation, maintenance, and implementation of Judge Seminars. Leads scheduling of Seminars for large scale events, to include content and presenters. Maintains Seminar Library.