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The defunct Judge! was a quarterly newsletter for judges, by judges. Each issue was tied to a Pro Tour (Worlds) and appeared about two weeks after the event was over. Each issue was composed of PT related materials gathered on site by the issue editor and additional content collected from judges worldwide. The following columns have appeared in Judge!

  • Ideas Unbound - editorial by editor-in-chief
  • Part the Veil - a behind the scenes look at the judge program by a high-level judge
  • Ancestral Memories - history of the DCI and the judge program
  • Show & Tell - fun stories related to judging
  • Nicol's Corner - articles about Commander
  • Conclave's Blessing - recognitions for the quarter
  • Foreshadow - juicy info about upcoming programs

In some cases, the Internet Archive had old versions of these articles still available. Those are linked to where possible.

Issue Index

Issue #Pro TourIssue EditorDate
1Hello! EditionAdam CetnerowskiJune 2009
2PT AustinCarlos HoOctober 2009
3Worlds RomeNick SephtonDecember 2009
4PT San DiegoAaron HamerMarch 2010
5PT San JuanJeff MorrowJune 2010
6PT AmsterdamRichard DrijversSeptember 2010
7Worlds ChibaCristiana DionisioDecember 2010
8Magic Weekend ParisPaul SmithFebruary 2011

Article Index

Note: Only selected articles are indexed below

Part the VeilJudge PyramidHello! EditionJune 2009
Ancestral MemoriesJudge ShirtsHello! EditionJune 2009
Part the VeilWhat do we do?PT AustinOctober 2009
InterviewNicholas SabinPT AustinOctober 2009
InterviewEli ShiffrinPT AustinOctober 2009
Part the VeilInto the futureWorlds RomeDecember 2009
InterviewAdrian EstoupWorlds RomeDecember 2009
InterviewSheldon MeneryWorlds RomeDecember 2009
Part the VeilHistory of NetRepsPT San DiegoMarch 2010
InterviewNicola DiPasqualePT San DiegoMarch 2010
InterviewRyan StapletonPT San DiegoMarch 2010
InterviewNicholas SabinPT San DiegoMarch 2010
InterviewThales BittencourtPT San DiegoMarch 2010
Part the VeilPillars & SpheresPT San JuanJune 2010
InterviewIngrid Lind-JahnPT San JuanJune 2010
InterviewAdam ShawPT San JuanJune 2010
InterviewJurgen BaertPT San JuanJune 2010
Ancestral MemoriesFloor RulesPT AmsterdamSeptember 2010
Part the VeilTesting & PromotionsPT San AmsterdamSeptember 2010
InterviewAndreas JepsenPT AmsterdamSeptember 2010
InterviewRiccardo TessitoriPT AmsterdamSeptember 2010
Part the VeilSeattle ConferenceWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewTooru HayashiWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewTakanori NakamuraWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewKenji SuzukiWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewMitsunori MakinoWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewJames MackayWorlds ChibaDecember 2010
InterviewChristian GawrilowiczWorlds ChibaDecember 2010