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The purpose of the classes is to train someone from L0 to L1 with a major focus on comp rules. They are broken down into weekly sections and there is a practice test for each section. The modules are designed to be about an hour long and the class is designed to be one module per week. Our greatest success has been doing it in this method as it doesn't put too much in front of a new judge at once and gives it some time to sink in.

The part that is unwritten is the "Q & A" portion that should come after each module. In the class, the best method was to spend an hour on the lesson and then a half hour to an hour on questions about that type of material. Questions like little practical scenarios and discussion questions that come off the top of your head.

The practice tests are meant to be given at the start of the NEXT week so that you have some idea of the knowledge retention. So the first lesson does not have a practice test, and the final lesson is only a practice test.

These classes have been instrumental to the explosive growth we've seen in our state and I am glad we finally have these in a format where they can be spread out! Please use these and give me any feedback that you can, you can always find me on IRC (Turner) or facebook (Justin Turner).

  • Lesson 1: Turn Structure, Turn Based Actions
  • Lesson 2: MTR, Permanents, Statuses of Permanents, Zones
  • Lesson 3: Copying, Evergreen Keyword Abilities
  • Lesson 4: Interaction of Continuous Effects (Layers)
  • Lesson 5: Casting Spells and Activating Activated Abilities
  • Lesson 8: Keyword Abilities in Standard

Archive of original Judge Class PDFs

These classes were originally written in PDF form. Over time, they have been converted to a wiki format. The PDFs are archived here. No guarantee is made that the PDFs are up to date.