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This page is to document current requests to wiki administrators (and those that have recently been completed).

Need something created that you don't know how to make? Need a server-side installation performed? Need user rights for a specific reason? Want to know if something is possible via wiki technology? Post here.

Note: This is for requests that could be completed by more than one person, at his or her convenience. If you have a task that must be completed by a particular deadline, or have an otherwise urgent need, please contact the appropriate person by email.

Refer to Special:Version to see whether an extension has already been installed. If there is an extension listed on this page that has already been installed, please delete that section. If further discussion is necessary, go to Project Talk:Administration.

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Extensions: Functionality

Rules by Example extensions

Working on implementing the TxTCard and TxTImg extensions from IMJ. --TashaJ (talk) 23:10, 24 March 2013 (UTC)

Mark the area you are going to edit

When there are many sections on a page it is a bit tricky to find the correct "edit" button on the side of the page to edit a certain section. In another Wiki I saw the functionality to highlight the area that will be edited if you clik a certain "edit" button. This would make it a lot easier. Priority: low. Requested by: Christian Gawrilowicz
An easy fix would be to highlight the heading text when you rollover the "edit" link. (Suggested by Stefan Ladstätter)

Do you have a link to this other wiki? I might be able to find the extension info there. --23:10, 24 March 2013 (UTC)TashaJ (talk)

Rules Text Mouse Over

Stefan Ladstätter asked for having a Rules Text Mouse Over. This would be similar to the "<c>" Tag, but for CR Rules Texts. For example "<r>501.3</r>" or "<r>CR 501.3</r>". Does this already exist on the Rules by Example? Could it be implemented? Chriga

This could be implemented with some JavaScript -- unfortunately I don't have the expertise. Will scout around. --23:10, 24 March 2013 (UTC)TashaJ (talk)

Card Text Mouse Over

For visual persons like me, It would be cool to have the card picture in addition to the Oracle text. Requested by: Stefan Ladstätter

Might work on this after the TxTCard and TxTImg functionalities have been restored. --23:10, 24 March 2013 (UTC)TashaJ (talk)

Card Image Tag

I'm working on the Rules by Examples right now, and it would be great to have an easy way to display a card within the text without needing to upload the image to the wiki or find an external URL. Requested by: Stefan Ladstätter

Use the syntax <im>Exact Card Name</im>. It appears as . --TashaJ 14:02, 25 March 2012 (UTC)

External Tools: Functionality


added by Damián Hiller

I know there are around some programs (or maybe plugins?) which take an Office word formatted text and convert it to wiki format. Now, I never tried them myself and wouldn't know which one would work well with this particular installation of wiki, but having a recommended one would be awesome. I kind of learned a bit or wikiediting (basics) from some little work I've done here, but I guess a lot of people dont contribute because of the fear to deal with the back end of the wiki. If we could provide tools to make this easier, we might see more action happening here!

Recommended: There are some ideas here:

Microsoft Word has an extension for 2007 (and later) versions:

Wiki maintenance templates

Let's get some templates going for maintaining pages: stubs, cleanup, out-of-date, etc. What do we need? Please add type of template and a brief description of the template (or its role) on the above link. (Proposed by Christian Gawrilowicz, added by Tasha Jamison.)

Additional thoughts

Please include discussion about implementation issues, alternate fixes, and the like at Project Talk:Administration.