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Foldable Judge Booklet
Project Lead: Charles N. Featherer, USA
Staff: Jacob Kriner, USA, Sophie Pages, France, (Soliciting for translators)
Sphere: Web Content
Year Started: Unknown
Year Finished: Ongoing
Current Status: Ongoing
The judge booklet ( ) provides a foldable short reference of the most important things (penalties, layers, etc.) for judges at events. It can be customized for personal needs and is available in different languages. A source file created with Word is converted into a PDF using the online tool PocketMod (

Former Staff

Martin Koehler (former lead), Ute Kronenberg (former lead), Damian Hiller (Spanish Version), Gabriele Politi (Italian Version)


  • 4/30/16 - The project has been restarted and is available now: .
  • 12/23/15 - This project is being restarted. Until a new Booklet is produced, please continue to rely on the links and information provided below. If you wish to help edit and/or translate, please contact the lead through Facebook (be specific about the spelling of the name, there is only one 'Charles N. Featherer').
  • 1/11/15 - Translators added for restart. Added Sophie as an editor.


Jose Moreira - Portuguese, Stefan Ladstatter - German (Philip Korte, backup), Yonathan Kamensky - Hebrew, Sophie Pages - French (Stephan Van Cauwenberghe, backup), Bartlomiej Wieszok - Polish, Milan Majercik - Czech.

MTG Judge Core App

The first eight pages of the Judge Booklet were incorporated directly into MTG Judge Core App for Android (under Main Items -> Quick Reference) and are being updated there.

Relevant links

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