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In this project meta data for all the judge articles written on different websites (Wizards, Starcitygames, Channelfireball, Blackborder, ...) will be collected. For each article there should be a page stating author, date published, source, abstract, keywords and recommended judge level(s) for reading. A link to the original article should be included.

If you want to contribute please follow these steps (for a single article):

  • read the article in question (if you haven't done already)
  • create a Wiki page for the article; the name of the Wiki page is the title of the article
  • copy the following layout:
{{Judge Article

|author={{Author|Name of Author}}, {{Author|Name of Second Author...}}
|website={{Wizards}}, {{DCIFamily}}, {{BlackBorder}}, {{StarCityGames}}, {{ChannelFireball}}, {{PlanetMtG}}...
|URL=direct link to article OR This article is no longer available online OR This article is only available on the wiki; see below.
|language=language of publication; delete this line for English
|tags=tags in the following format: {{Tag|Name of Tag|How it should appear}} OR {{Tag|Name of Tag}}. See the list of tags.
|recommended for level=recommended levels; delete this line for all levels.
|notes=usually only used if the article contains outdated information; delete this line for —.
|abstract=article summary
|category=one of the four voting categories: Work and Run a Tournament; Education & Development; Report; Rules & Regulations.

|year=year of publication}}
  • replace all of the italicized text with the correct information for the article
  • change the link in the Judge Article Index to the Wiki page
  • add your name to the list of contributors here

If you want to take care of a whole month of articles then please put your name on the list and add "(DONE)" after you are finished.

If you know about Judge articles that are currently not in the Judge Article Index (with the exception of articles of the current month - they are added to the index later) please feel free to add them there and either follow the steps listed above or link to the original article.