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Judge Contests
Project Lead: Steven Briggs
Staff: This project does not have any additional members.
Sphere: Acquisition and Outreach (Sphere)
Year Started: 2012
Year Finished:
Current Status: Ongoing
From the announcement to Judge-L:

It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of a new initiative in the Judge Program that highlights who we are and what we do. This new initiative will give every judge an opportunity to participate, and through participation judges will have the opportunity to earn lovely, shiny, awesome Judge Foils. This new aspect is called Judge Contests! Each contest, which we will hold periodically throughout the year, will have a different theme or idea centered around it. All you have to do is submit your entry to, and we will take care of the rest.

We really hope you have lots of fun participating, and with that comes our first Judge Contest:

We want to see pictures of your Friday Night Magic Community, including the Magic Judge card in your picture. If you have misplaced your card, feel free to use the Magic Judge logo or your printable Judge badge in your picture, but we want to see either the logo, your card, or your badge in the picture. You can print your "judge badge" in the Personal Information section of the Judge Center. Submit your best photo (one photo, 1MB maximum size) to, and watch for your photo to be posted on the Magic Judges Facebook page. This contest will end on December 17th, with winners announced shortly after, and some sweet bling (Judge Foils) for the best photos! Happy holidays!

Good luck judges, and let the zany, awesome FNM pictures begin!

Steven Briggs Regional Coordinator, USA-Midwest