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Judge Article Categories

The following categories are used to categorize Judge Articles.

  • Report - reports from tournaments from Judges, Head Judges, Score Keepers, Floor Judges
  • Rules & Regulations - deals with the official documents (Comp. Rules, MIPG, MTR, etc.) and how to apply the content of these
  • Education & Development - about training, testing and mentoring others and yourself; this also includes community building (players, judges, TOs)
  • Work and Run a Tournament - everything about (H)judging a tournament (preparation, during the event, deal with players, rulings, situations

The additional category "Judge-Player Communication (within and outside tournaments)" (a sub-category of "Work and Run a Tournament") was used in 2010 for the Judge Article of the Year.


Tags in use

To include a tag in a page (and categorize it appropriately), use the following markup:


where FOO1 is the tag (case-sensitive!) and FOO2 is what you want the link to say (not case-sensitive)

If you would like to include a link to a tag, but not categorize the page according to that tag, simply use [[:category:FOO1|FOO2]] with the same meaning as above.

This list contains all the tags that are already used in The Judge Article Project.

  • 2HG - articles dealing with the specifics of 2-Headed Giant tournaments.
  • Communication - articles about judge-player and judge-judge communication
  • Compensation - Articles dealing with the issue of compensating judges for their work.
  • CR - Comprehensive Rulebook
  • DQ - articles dealing with DQs (how to do them and how to report them)
  • Grand Prix - articles dealing specifically with the nitty-gritty of Grand(s) Prix(s).
  • head judging - lessons from head judging: what to do and what not to do.
  • judge community - how to grow a judge community and how it is when you are part of one
  • judge conference - reports of judge conferences and suggestions for future conferences
  • Judge-Player Communication - replaced with communication
  • logistics team - how to overcome the challenges faced by logistics team
  • Making Rulings - replaced with communication
  • Management - how to effectively manage yourself and others within the DCI.
  • mentoring - How to mentor and/or train other judges within and outside tournaments.
  • MIPG - Magic Infraction Procedure Guide
  • mistakes - removed: only one article tagged this way, which had other tags (including communication and professionalism)
  • MTR - Magic Tournament Rules
  • Nationals - National Championships and everything that comes with this type of tournament
  • newsletter - Judge! Newsletter
  • player community - how to grow a player community and recognizing your own role within that community
  • Prerelease - articles specifically concerning details of Prereleases
  • professional events - the really prestigious stuff!
  • professionalism - representing the DCI well, both on and off the tournament floor.
  • PTQ - Pro Tour Qualifiers
  • Q&A - articles that include a question and answer section
  • Regular REL - specifics of Regular REL events that differ from Competitive or Professional REL events
  • road to level 1 - articles for people who want to reach Level 1
  • road to level 2 - articles for judges who want to reach Level 2
  • road to level 3 - How to get to Level 3 - what to do, what to study and how to prepare for the test.
  • studying - Advice on how to study for various tests and learning techniques.
  • team leading - making a better team lead
  • teamwork - being an effective member of a team.
  • Testing - Evaluating candidates, test logistics.
  • tournament procedures - tips, tricks, and techniques for getting past the "wait, what now?" moment when the pressure's on.
  • travel - pitfalls and perks of traveling to judge.
  • unsporting conduct - when a player's behavior on the tournament floor is unacceptable. For articles on specific UC penalties as well as the "line" on non-sporting conduct and infractable unsporting conduct.

possible Tags

The following list contains a list of possible tags for the articles.

  • PEIP
  • FCE
  • feedback
  • investigation
  • regular events
  • score keeping
  • judge-TO communication

Extended List

For the time being I've made it a separate list, as it's not entirely clear how our work with tags will play out. Words in parenthesis are not considered tags but (sub)categories/guiding remarks. Tags that are already used have a link.

Report (International Events)

  • GP
  • PT
  • Worlds

(National Events)

  • Nationals
  • GenCon

(Regional Events)

  • Regionals
  • SCG
  • MMS

(Miscelleaneous Events)

  • Miscelleaneous

(Interviews with Judges etc.)

  • JudgeInterview

Rules & Regulations

Education & Development

Work and Run A Tournament

(Event Types)

  • Professional Events (international)
  • Competitive Events (national)
  • Regular (local, store-level)

(Event Formats)

  • Constructed
  • Standard
  • Extended
  • Eternal
  • Legacy
  • Vintage
  • Limited
  • Sealed Deck
  • Draft
  • EDH

(Communication: Judge-Player)

(Communication: Judge-Judge)

  • Judge-Judge Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Teamlead
  • Shadowing
  • Mentoring (same above under "E&D))
  • Certifying (same below under "Procedures")

(Communication: Judge-TO)

  • Judge-TO Communication
  • TO Communication

(Roles, Tasks, and Procedures) (Roles)

  • Tournament Officials
  • TO Role
  • HJ Role
  • Teamlead Role
  • FJ Role
  • SK Role


  • Event Teams
  • Deckcheck Team
  • Logistics Team
  • Paper Team


  • How to Investigate
  • How to DQ
  • Providing Feedback
  • Certifying (same above under "J-J Communication")