Timed Draft

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Timed (or Called Draft)

A timed draft or a called draft is a booster draft in which a judge is verbally announcing the timing specified in the Magic Tournament Rules. They are most useful when trying to coordinate multiple pods of a Competitive or Professional REL event. It should not be necessary at a Regular REL event. It should not be needed for a top 8 playoff draft. In both those instances, if a little more structure is wanted a zone draft should be suitable.


Since players want to be focusing on making strategic picks as quickly as possible, it's important to maintain cadence and keep asides to a minimum when you are calling a draft. Ensure that players open the pack face-down and don't begin thinking about their pick when they should be focused on verifying the number of cards in their pack. Give players time to verify the number of cards in each pack face-down. Give players time to pick up the cards before starting the pick timer. Announcing the start time and perhaps five second left should be enough: players want to focus on their picks, so the less you're speaking the better off their draft will be.