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The Judge Wiki is set up to use JudgeApps for authentication. All JudgeApps users are encouraged to click "Log in" at the top right of the screen in order to log in to the Wiki.

What does this mean for my privacy?[edit]

If you log in, your JudgeApps username will be linked to your edits, actions, and comments. Anyone browsing this wiki will be able to check the page history, and see your username, if you've edited the page. However, if you don't log in, then your IP address will be linked to your edits instead. So, in a sense, logging in makes you more anonymous, since it allows you to edit under a pseudonym without revealing your IP address.

I already have a JudgeApps account. What do I do?[edit]

Just click "log in" up top. You'll be presented with an authorization page, where JudgeApps asks for your approval to share some information with the Judge Wiki. If you agree, you'll automatically be logged in here.

I don't have a JudgeApps account. What do I do?[edit]

Anyone can register for a JudgeApps account and then use it to log in to this wiki. Register at [1], verify your email address by following the instructions, and then return here to log in.

What next?[edit]

Whatever you want to do. You could create a userpage with information about yourself, or edit almost anything else.