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Keeping the Judge Wiki running requires that we establish some policies regarding the content we host and the conduct of our users. Each of these policies is one of the main ideas that we hope will drive development of this wiki. The core policies of the wiki, which all contributors are expected to be familiar with, are the following:

  • Decisions are primarily made by consensus. It’s okay (and encouraged) to be bold and make changes on your own, but if you encounter pushback from other editors, you should seek to come to an agreement through discussion.
  • Be civil and respectful towards your fellow users. As with any Judge Program site, the code of conduct is in full effect.
  • Content is free to be edited and re-used. We use a free license to ensure that everything on the wiki can be modified by other editors. No one “owns” any particular page, and content can be changed or used elsewhere in accordance with our license.
  • The wiki is here to distribute information about judging. There are a wide variety of things that this wiki is NOT, including a platform for personal attacks, advertising, or general MtG strategy discussion. In general, the wiki should try to be as inclusive as possible - the marginal cost of hosting any given page is extraordinarily small - however, content that is disruptive will be removed.